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Being a responsible company, we have always believed ZÜKÀ can – and should – have a positive impact on the communities we serve. One person, one chocolate and one neighborhood at a time is a vision that has inspired us to create an experience to remember – Happiness is Chocolate Shaped.

Ever since we opened the first ZÜKÀ in 2009, we have won the trust and respect of our customers and employees by being responsible and doing things that are ethical, good for the one another and planet earth; Save planet earth it’s the only planet with chocolate.

Social Responsibility and commitment

Our initiatives have included in planting saplings and gifting them to customers visiting ZÜKÀ and creating awareness with chocolate in line with global warming.
ZÜKÀ has over the years dedicated itself towards projects such as:

The Feed the hungry program 

Every day, ZÜKÀ touches the hearts of the less privileged and needy people by providing hot food packed and served with water and off course a small chocolate.

The gift a smile program

This program was started by ZÜKÀ with the idea to provide a little happiness through chocolate to children suffering from cancer at cancer hospitals, orphaned children by providing basic needs, stationery, clothes, chocolates and chocolate desserts.

The final Rites Program
ZÜKÀ extended its time and financial assistance in providing a decent and dignified burial for the inmates of the old age home at Pondicherry’s St. Joseph’s Cluny Home for the Aged after they breathed their last.

The eye Donation Program

ZÜKÀ in association with Pondicherry’s Arvind Eye Hospital has helped in bringing awareness on eye donation and has been instrumental in encouraging its own team and customers support the program.


At ZÜKÀ a lot of importance is given towards water conservation focusses on providing clean and pure drinking water by installing R.O. water coolers and water dispensers that quenches the thirst of many passerby’s

Our Environmental Pledge

We are finding ways that would help us minimize our environmental footprint and inspire others to do the same. We are also hopeful of becoming 100% eco-friendly in the coming years with the choice of material we’d use, serve, pack in our commercial establishments